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Schenectady County Recycles!

Schenectady County Recycles is a collaborative partnership between Schenectady County and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schenectady County, committed to reducing the amount of municipal solid waste sent to local landfills by increasing community-wide participation in recycling and composting. Cornell Cooperative Extension staff and volunteers offer free educational resources for both youth and adults to learn about waste reduction, recycling, composting and pollution prevention. Schenectady County Recycles offers outreach education to community groups, school groups, community events, and local businesses eager to learn how to recycle as much as possible.

Why is recycling such an important life-skill?

  • Recycling shows leadership and environmental stewardship in your family, business, and community.
  • Recycling extends the life-cycle of products, which diverts material from landfills, and conserves landfill space for future generations.
  • Recycling reduces the air, land, and water pollution that threatens many plant and animal ecosystems.
  • Recycling reduces the demand on the natural environment for the raw materials needed to create new products. Recycling is a form of natural resource conservation.
  • Recycling supports the economy by creating jobs in local and global industries.
  • Recycling can help improve the lives of others by donating unwanted materials to charitable organizations.
  • Recycling can save money through creative re-use, food-scrap composting, and by reducing waste disposal costs. 

 Questions about recycling or improving your recycling program? We can help! Contact the Recycling Educator to inquire about the educational programs offered by Schenectady County Recycles. Or call with general questions about what and where to recycle, donate unwanted items, and safely dispose of Household Hazardous Waste.  


View the Recycling Fact Sheet here!


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Angelina Peone
Recycling and Composting Educator
(518) 372-1622

Last updated September 5, 2017