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Re-Thinking Our Waste

Every year, Americans create more than 250 million tons of garbage. Most of the materials that Americans are throwing away can be recycled, but many Americans don't have the educational background they need to make recycling a normal behavior in daily life.

CCE of Schenectady County is committed to raising awareness of the environmental solutions related to sustainable materials management through our outreach Recycling Education Program. We offer free educational presentations and resources for youth and adults to learn about waste reduction through recycling, composting, and through adopting a re-use lifestyle.

There are countless ways that recycling can nurture citizenship skills and help protect our planet.  

  • Recycling can show leadership and environmental stewardship in your family, business, and community.
  • Recycling can help improve the lives of others by donating unwanted materials to charitable organizations.
  • Recycling extends the life-cycle of products, which diverts material from landfills.
  • Recycling reduces the air, land, and water pollution that threatens many plant and animal ecosystems.
  • Recycling reduces the demand on the natural environment for the raw materials needed to create new products and materials.
  • Recycling supports the economy by creating jobs in local and global industries.
  • Recycling can save money through creative re-use, food-scrap composting, and by reducing waste disposal costs. 

This webpage features fact sheets, tool-kits, and other resources to help families, landlords, businesses, and schools promote recycling as a core value. Questions about recycling or improving your recycling program? We can help. 

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 "Rethinking Our Waste" (April 2017)


Making Compost!

Find resources here on how to start and maintain a home compost bin! Learn how to turn food and yard waste into "black gold" for your garden!

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Compost Basics

Our handout explains the basics and benefits of home composting. What is compost and why is it so useful when used as mulch, in the garden or in potting mixtures?

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Asbestos sheets


Asbestos is a common yet toxic material. Learn how to identify it and protect your home.

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Recycling Ag Plastics

Recycling agricultural plastics is a big challenge for farmers and communities. Learn about Cornell's RAPP project and the "BigFoot Baler" here.

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Angelina Peone
Recycling and Composting Educator
(518) 372-1622

Last updated April 13, 2017