Want to start a compost in the winter? Have you tried vermicomposting?

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Composting and Recycling

We want to empower our neighbors with knowledge about how to manage unwanted items in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. We offer education about recycling, composting, and household hazardous waste.


Putting the wrong household items in the recycling bin creates many issues for your local recycling system. There are many household items that do not belong in the recycling bin which the recycling industry calls “contamination”. Putting items in the recycling bin without knowing if your local recycling service accepts them or not is known as “wish-cycling”. Wish-cycling creates several problems for the collection, sorting, processing, and marketability of recyclable items, including: 

Cooperative Extension staff in conjunction with Master Composter and Master Recycler volunteers are here for you to learn more about these issues and solutions related to solid waste. We offer free access to information and free educational programming for families, community groups, social clubs, schools, and businesses.

Last updated January 5, 2022