Healthy Schenectady Families

Healthy Schenectady Families, the County’s Healthy Family New York (HFNY) home visiting program, promotes the use of positive parenting skills that support and encourage children’s cognitive and social development across developmental stages. HFNY recently released the results from a controlled trial that tested HFNY programs in preventing child maltreatment and promoting the child’s development. The study showed that compared to mothers in the control group, mothers assigned to the HFNY group were more likely to endorse appropriate limit setting strategies (Age 2), be observed using parenting strategies that stimulated the child’s cognitive skills (Age 3), and report using non-violent discipline strategies (Age 7). These parenting competencies may contribute to the early school successes realized by children who participated in HFNY.

To learn more about or join Healthy Schenectady Families, please contact Heather Daly.


Heather Daly
Cooperative Extension Team Coordinator
(518) 386-2824

Last updated October 7, 2016